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USS Arizona Memorial

This national memorial is dedicated to preserving the memories of the sacrifices made by servicemen and civilians in the Pacific theater throughout World War II, from engagement to peace. The December 7, 1941 Japanese attack resulted in the death of 2,390 Americans, and it thrust the United States into World War II.

General Admission

General Admission - Free 

Reservations for the USS Arizona Memorial are strongly encouraged. Please visit the National Park Service website at to reserve tickets.

Allow at least 2 hours 

Open daily - 7:00am - 5:00pm

Multimedia Tour / VR Experience

Audio tour rental fee. This 29-stop program cover sites in the visitor center area and three-stops en route to and on the USS Arizona Memorial. Available in multiple languages.

This amazing VR experience allows you to travel back in time and walk the deck and inspect the Battleship USS Arizona before it was attacked in Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. This tour brings to life what it would have been like to serve as a young sailor or officer on the regal ship of the line.

Everything to see at the National Park

All included for free to guests of National Park Service

Pearl Harbor Historic Sites visitor center

Visitor Center Waterfront Park 

Stroll around the beautiful waterfront park with a view over the water to the USS Arizona Memorial. Throughout the facility are interpretive wayside exhibits that invite visitors to imagine the experience of that tragic day. 

USS Oklahoma Memorial

USS Oklahoma Memorial

Free shuttle to Ford Island allows access to the memorial from the Battleship Missouri Shuttle stop. The memorial honors the 429 crewmen killed on the battleship Oklahoma

Exhibit Galleries interior

Exhibit Galleries

These two exhibit galleries bring visitors closer to the sights and sounds of the events leading up to the attack on Oahu and its aftermath. These galleries display personal memorabilia, dramatic photographs, artifacts of the battle, and other exhibits.


Pearl Harbor Bookstore

Pearl Harbor Bookstore

The bookstore is filled with over 120 book titles relating to the Pacific War effort. There are over 50 videos, posters, audio recordings and other mementos relating to the USS Arizona, the attack on Oahu, and War in the Pacific that visitors can purchase as a reminder of their visit. 

Proceeds from sales of books, maps, music, videos, and educational material directly benefit research, educational, and environmental programs at the Pearl Harbor National Memorial.

Snacks & Refreshments

Snack shop

Snack Shop

Visitors can grab a refreshment or quick grab and go snack from the snack shop located within the visitor center. Proceeds from sales within the snack shop directly research, educational, and environmental programs at the Pearl Harbor National Memorial.

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PASSPORTS DO NOT INCLUDE RESERVATIONS TO THE USS ARIZONA MEMORIAL. Please visit the National Park Service website at to reserve tickets.

Passport to Pearl Harbor logo

Passport to Pearl Harbor 

See everything Pearl Harbor has to offer with the Passport to Pearl Harbor. One historic location, four very distinct destinations, each as compelling as the next and none that you'd want to miss.

Visitor Center Self-Guided Multimedia Tour 

Pearl Harbor Virtual Reality Center 
​Pacific Fleet Submarine Museum General Admission 
Battleship Missouri Memorial General Admission
Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum General Admission 

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