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Battleship Missouri Memorial

America's Last Battleship

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Ford Island, Pearl Harbor
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Weighing over 58,000 tons and measuring just under 900 feet from bow to stern, the USS Missouri is a hulking, awe-inspiring behemoth of a ship. A true force to be reckoned with in her prime, today, the now peaceful giant stands silent guard over Pearl Harbor.

The "Mighty Mo" was the last American battleship ever built and the last to be decommissioned. The surrender of the Japanese on the deck of the Missouri brought the Second World War to an end and remains one of the most impressive highlights in her illustrious 50-year career. A career spanning five decades and three wars .

Climb aboard the Missouri and follow in the footsteps of General Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers. Stride across the deck of the Mighty Mo and get a close-up view of the Missouri's massive, 16-inch, 50-caliber guns. Pop down below for a surprise inspection of the crew's quarters and mess. Finally, take your place on the bridge of the Missouri and check out the view from the Captain's Chair!

The USS Missouri (BB-63)

Born in the midst of World War II, the shipyard workers at Brooklyn’s New York Navy Yard constructed the battleship in time for her launch on January 29, 1944 and commissioning as the USS Missouri on June 11, 1944 with Capt. William M. Callaghan in command.

The USS Missouri was the third U.S. Navy ship to be named after the Show Me state and the fourth American warship* to bear the name - there was a Confederate Missouri that was captured by Union forces during the Civil War but never commissioned as a United States Ship (USS). Today, a Virginia - class submarine, USS Missouri (SSN-780) has the honor of being the fourth USS Missouri and carrying the Missouri legacy into the future, also homeported in Pearl Harbor.

USS Missouri’s as-built design characteristics include: displacement 45,000; length 887'3"; beam 108'2"; draft 28'11"; speed 33 knots; complement 1,921; armament nine 16-inch, twenty 5-inch, eighty 40 millimeter, forty-nine 20 millimeter; class Iowa.
* In the merchant fleet there were other ships named Missouri.

Admission and Tours

For all our guests we recommend that you purchase bottled beverages to keep you hydrated during your visit. In addition we suggest wearing closed toe shoes and take care when moving through doorways and passageways with low ceilings. Safety briefings will be part of every visitors experience.

General Admission ($34.99* adults, $17.49 children ages 4-12)

With your General Admission you are welcome to choose from two choices to explore the Battleship Missouri. Choose which one suits your interests, or you can do them all if you have the time.

  • 35-minute Guided Tour: Take a tour of the ship with one of our knowledgeable tour guides. On the tour you will see and hear about the main historical points of the ship, including the Surrender Deck. Afterwards, you are welcome to explore the ship on your own, at your leisure.
  • Explore On Your Own: If you like to adventure on your own, you're welcome to take a map once you come aboard and take advantage of informational signs around the ship at your own pace. Tour guides and staff will be around the ship and available to answer questions or point you in the right direction.

Captain’s Tour (45 minutes) $30*

*Tour price in addition to General Admission: $34.99 Adult, $17.99 Child (ages 10-12)
(Limited to ages 10 and above)


The Battleship Missouri Memorial welcomes its visitors with disabilities. There is a wheelchair accessible ramp on the aft entry brow to provide access to the battleship. A tour guide or Battleship Missouri Memorial staff member will be more than happy to assist visitors with accessibility. Handicap restrooms are available near the aft brow and on the pier where you enter the property.

There is an elevator that can take visitors with disabilities up to the Surrender Deck to hear the surrender story and see artifacts.

Chairs and benches are located around the ship to allow people to sit and rest. Please remember that ladders and stairs are steep, making handholds difficult for visitors.

Service animals are welcome aboard the Battleship Missouri although it is unlikely that they can negotiate the steep ladders.

Exhibits & Collections

USS Missouri is the site where World War II formally ended; it is our primary artifact; it is the place we work and explore, it is an obligation to future generations, it is an inspiration to millions of visitors; it is quite simply America’s Battleship. Exhibits aboard the ship are limited by available space and our primary objective is to preserve the authenticity of the Missouri. Exhibits, with special exceptions, are largely categorized as restored spaces or operational displays. These include many of the operational, engineering, navigational, administrative, food service and living spaces aboard Battleship Missouri that are restored to their "in-operation" appearance.


Battleshop offers a selection of snacks and cold drinks. Though eating on board the ship is not allowed, we do encourage you to take a re-closeable beverage to help you hydrate while on your tour! Bottled water, juices and Coca Cola products are available for purchase in the store.

Slider's Grill

At Slider's Grill you can enjoy a tasty Chicago Dog or cheeseburger hot off the grill along with a refreshing ice-cold drink. There is ample pier side seating offering spectacular views of the USS Arizona Memorial.

Wai Momi Shaved Ice

Also pier side is the Wai Momi Shave Ice stand where you can cool down with a sweet Hawaiian treat, or get a slice of pizza or a giant churro.


Explore over 75 years of history on the Battleship Missouri with engaging educational programs and experiences. We offer a number of programs for teachers, students and parents to learn more about the Mighty Mo's role in World War II, the Korean War and Operation Desert Storm. So come aboard the biggest classroom you'll ever encounter and learn about our nation's legacy.

Host An Event

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We Remember

After completion of Operation Desert Storm, the USS Missouri paused briefly in Australia and Hawaii en route home to Long Beach Naval Station. There her officers and crew received a hero’s welcome by thousands of friends and family.

But the USS Missouri had one final mission to complete. On December 7, 1991, the Missouri returned to the historic waters of Pearl Harbor for the 50th anniversary commemoration of the attack on the Hawaiian Islands. Moored a short distance from the USS Arizona Memorial, the Missouri and Arizona provide a symbolic connection from the “day which will live in infamy” to the formal ending of World War II.

Her final mission complete, the officers and crew of the Missouri now prepared for the difficult task of retiring the historic battleship. On March 31, 1992, the Missouri was decommissioned for the final time; the last active service battleship in the world, her departing officers and crew the last battleship sailors. Though her active naval service is complete, her legacy is not forgotten. On January 29, 1999, after years of dedicated community effort, the Battleship Missouri returned to service as centerpiece of the Battleship Missouri Memorial in Pearl Harbor

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