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Official Correspondence - My Dear Mr. President

by Nov 24, 2019

My dear Mr. President:

My deepest appreciation for the bottle of Chivas Regal. Your thoughtfulness and kindness in sending it to me will remain in my memory for a long time to come. It is my extraordinary good fortune to be able to accept it on behalf of the many capable and loyal Navy people who have contributed to the Vanguard program. This latest success is a deserved reward for all those whose patience and resourcefulness have been so sorely tested.

In keeping with your thoughtful suggestion that I take a day off for relaxation and enjoyment of this superb gift, I have done just that. This day, free of Pentagon turmoil will give me a needed rest, allow me to devote objective thought to some of our problems – and above all permit me to extract maximum enjoyment from this wonderful scotch – it is very tasty indeed. (Excuse me while I pour myself another one).

Your suggestion was a wonderful thing. As I sit here sipping this marvelous stimulant, all the problems of the Navy seem to take on a clearer perspective. It is difficult to express my true feeling of gratitude for this suberb Scotch. It’s real good. Thanks a lot.

We have a lot of problems ahed but owr programs are sound. Our Navy has a tremendous job to do and we’ll doer by golly. We could sure use a few more submarines, our carriershare getting old and we ain’t got enoubh of thim; we need more aerocraft; clozin up some bases is making a lotta people awful dam mad. And people, boy oh boy, live boddies are skarsce. Sure coud use a few buckfer general expenshes to.

Shanks again ferthe bug juice. Besh damed burobon Iever had. Shuris good shtuff. Jus like mypappy uset tom ake. Shurdo tank yu fur shis jug and the dayoff. Itch bout tyme I adda day off to do sum cleer serius thimpking. Sur haz hellpt. Everthig ish cleer as cannbe now. Mush guitnow and fine anodder bodel odish delic iuocius boos.

Very Respectfully,

Arleigh Burke