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From This Day Forward…

by Nov 17, 2019

From This Day Forward…

In San Francisco, thirty-three years ago today, on May 10, 1986, the newly modernized Missouri that our Engineering and Facilities staff work so hard to preserve, restore and maintain every day, was commissioned and returned to active service.

For that event, Captain A. Lee Kaiss provided this welcome and expression of thanks to those who built her, brought her back, served aboard her, and were about to serve aboard. His words remind all of us of the significance of this most historic of American battleships, and the value of the mission and contributions we strive to achieve everyday:

“As the Prospective Commanding Officer, I would like to extend my greetings to you at this, the second commissioning of the battleship MISSOURI. On this momentous and historic occasion, I wish to convey special thanks to the many people who have prepared MISSOURI for the 1980’s.

To the original ship builders and commissioning crew, thank you for doing a superlative job. This platform which you built in the 1940’s will easily take us into the twenty-first century to continue to serve this great nation. The proud heritage of MISSOURI belongs to every crewmember who ever sailed her. The 1986 crew of our nation’s most historic warship thanks the sailors who have gone to sea, and in harms way, before us. We promise to uphold the traditions and legacies of our predecessors. The torch has been passed to us. It is now ours to hold high.

The personnel from Long Beach Naval Shipyard are owed a tremendous debt. Without you the formidable task of reactivating and modernizing this great ship would not have been accomplished.

To the citizens of the State of Missouri, you have given us your name to carry forth around the globe. We will continue to carry that name with dignity and pride in the fine tradition established by her previous crewmembers.

To the crewmembers of MISSOURI, I offer my personal thanks. In a renaissance of spirit and patriotic expression, the nation is again on the move, reaffirming its historic role as defender of freedom and peace. I task each of you to continue to uphold these standards. You have worked long and hard for many months to reach this day and I look forward with pride to serving with you on the recommissioned MISSOURI.

Finally, but most importantly, we wish to thank our families for the untiring and continued support that you have shown throughout our precommissioning work. You have made sacrifices and have demonstrated the quiet courage and pride which is as much a part of our country’s security as the battleship that your sailors serve on.

For the many people who have had a part in today’s ceremonies, from the planners in Washington, D.C., to the seaman who polished the Surrender Plaque – to each of you, you know in your hearts that from this day forward, everywhere MISSOURI sails, you will be there with us. Thank you.


A. L. Kaiss

Captain, U.S. Navy

Commanding Officer”

Battleship Missouri passes under the Golden Gate bridge enroute to San Francisco for recommissioningy, May 10, 1986.