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For Conspicuous Gallantry - The USS Michael Murphy

by Nov 30, 2019

The USS Michael Murphy (DDG 112) was welcomed home to Pearl Harbor this morning with ship’s horns sounding.

The Arleigh-Burke guided missile destroyer is returning from deployment in the U.S. 4th Fleet/US South Command area of responsibility, which includes the Caribbean, Central and South America, and surrounding waters.

The ship’s namesake is Medal of Honor recipient, Lt. (SEAL) Michael P. Murphy.

Lt. Murphy was among those killed in the Kunar Province of Afghanistan on June 28, 2005 in the single largest loss of life for Naval Special Warfare since World War II.

He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor, presented to his parents by President George W. Bush on October 22, 2007.

Lt. Michael P. Murphy, USN

His Medal of Honor award citation reads, in part:

“Lieutenant Murphy demonstrated extraordinary heroism in the face of grave danger in the vicinity of Asadabad, Kunar Province, Afghanistan (28 June 2005). Operating in an extremely rugged enemy-controlled area, Lieutenant Murphy's team was discovered by anti-coalition militia sympathizers, who revealed their position to Taliban fighters. Between 30 and 40 enemy fighters besieged his four member team. The ensuing firefight resulted in numerous enemy casualties, as well as the wounding of all four members of the team. When the primary communicator fell mortally wounded, Lieutenant Murphy repeatedly attempted to call for assistance for his beleaguered teammates. Realizing the impossibility of communicating in the extreme terrain, and in the face of almost certain death, he fought his way into open terrain to gain a better position to transmit a call….exposing himself to direct enemy fire. Lieutenant Murphy maintained his exposed position while he provided his location and requested immediate support for his team. In his final act of bravery, he continued to engage the enemy until he was mortally wounded, gallantly giving his life for his country and for the cause of freedom.”

Lt Murphy’s heroism, and that of his four-man team - Gunner’s Mate 2/c (SEAL) Danny Dietz, Sonar Technician 2/c (SEAL) Matthew Axelson and Hospital Corpsman 2/c (SEAL) Marcus Luttrell, and those attempting to come to their aid, was documented in the book Lone Survivor , by survivor Marcus Luttrell, and portrayed in the 2013 film of the same name.