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11 June 1944: Commissioning Battleship U.S.S. Missouri

by Nov 17, 2019

The following content is taken from the Commissioning day program booklet:

Placing the ship in commission:

“This ceremony marks the transition from construction to induction into active service, whereby our Navy is increased by another powerful battleship. Upon the unfurling of the Commission Pennant, the Union Jack, and National Ensign, the U.S.S. Missouri becomes a unit of the United States Fleet, a command within herself. At this precise moment she comes to life, and her Captain, Officers, and Crew, shoulder the honor and responsibility of making her “The best fighting ship in the Navy.”

Through this simple yet impressive ceremony the U.S.S. Missouri officially takes her place in the Navy of the United States – another product of the efforts of thousands of hearts and hands – a ship of the line, ready to take her place wherever she may be sent.”

Commissioning Ceremony program:

“The Prospective Commanding Officer reports readiness to proceed with Commissioning to the Commandant.

Invocation by the Chaplain.

The Commandant speaks.

The Prospective Commanding Officer directs The Prospective Executive Officer to “Sound off.”

Marine Guard presents arms, Band plays National Anthem, National Ensign hoisted at the gaff, Jack on the jackstaff, and the Commission Pennant at the truck.

The Commanding Officer reads his orders and accepts command of the U.S.S. Missouri.

The flag of the Senior Officer aboard is broken, the Commission Pennant lowered and the appropriate honors rendered.

The Commanding Officer directs the Executive Officer to “Set the Watch.” Boatswain pipes and passes the word, “Set the Watch, First Section.” Boatswain Mates go forward on the double and pipe and pass the word, “Set the Watch, First Section.”

Bugler sounds “Full Guard and Band” on bugle.

The Navigator takes first Watch as Officer of the Deck and reports to the Executive Officer when the Watch has been set.

Address by the Honorable Bennett Champ Clark, United States Senator from Missouri.

The Executive Officer reports to the Commanding Officer that the Watch has been set.

Presentation of awards and citations.

The Commanding Officer orders “Pipe Down.”

Retreat is sounded.

Guests invited to refreshments, proceed to the mess indicated on the ticket accompanying invitation.”