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The Official USS Arizona Memorial Narrated Tour

All the major National Parks offer great public narrated tours, and the narrated audio tour at the USS Arizona Memorial is truly exceptional.

Thus to enhance your USS Arizona Memorial visit, we highly recommend that you purchase the Official USS Arizona Memorial Narrated Tour for just $7.50. Hosted by the famous actress Jamie Lee Curtis, Pearl Harbor Survivors and the National Park Service historians, this fascinating narrated tour will provide you an enriching and emotional experience you will never forgot!

Our Narrated Tour Desk is located in the courtyard of the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center and is available daily from 7am to 5pm. Please allot approximately three hours for the entire tour. Our Narrated Tour headsets are available in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, German or Spanish and will even automatically translate the main 23 minute National Park Service movie in these languages.

Our new USS Arizona Memorial Narrated Tour will greatly enrich your total experience at the USS Arizona Memorial and covers 28 important areas within the new Pearl Harbor Visitor Center complex.

Our Narrated Tour begins at the Visitor Center's two new world-class museums called "The Road to War" and "Attack" galleries; here you will be provided in-depth details and fascinating information by the military survivors of the Pearl Harbor surprise attack and you will be able to feel the history that still lives at this very special place.

Our exciting Narrated Tour continues on the boat shuttle to the USS Arizona Memorial and on to the Monument itself. Then the Narrated Tour takes the visitor along the shoreline of the Pearl Harbor and covers the "Path of the Japanese Attack". Next the Narrated Tour will take you to the "Remembrance Circle" and on to the amazing story of the "USS Arizona Anchor" that weighs over 19,500 pounds and was blown off its deck, over 100 yards into the ocean.

The Narrated Tour ends by giving you a final summary of this amazing tour and will leave you with an unforgettable lifetime experience of your visitation to Pearl Harbor. Please return the audio tour headsets to the Narrated Tour ticket counter before you go on to the other Pearl Harbor Historic Sites.

Before leaving home, be sure to visit for a free gift coupon for each USS Arizona Memorial Narrated Tour purchased.

USS Arizona Memorial Narrated Tour Reservations

Click here to purchase your USS Arizona Memorial Narrated Tour for just $7.50.

Narrated Tour group reservations are required, for information; please

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